Important Links and notes for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Developer - my cheat sheet ;-)

First of all a list of important links

  1. SharePoint Framework development tools and libraries compatibility
  2. Node homepage (current version)
  3. Node version overview
  4. React Versions
  5. SharePoint Framework enterprise guidance
  6. Tool support for Node package updates: npm-check-updates
  7. Download Visual Studio Code
  8. Yeoman Homepage
  9. Postman
  10. Gulp


  • Check current installed node version: node-v
  • Update to a specific supported Node version (check SPFx comp.): npm install -g node@16.20.0 
  • List all installed node packages for a project: npm list
  • Check for updates / old versions in project: npm outdated
  • Update all packages (not recommended in most of the cases): npm update --save 
    Use --save to update package.json version numbers!
  • Update a specific package: npm update @pnp/spfx-controls-react
  • Command to check outdated or vulnerabilities in your node modules: npm audit
    Fix: npm audit fix / npm audit fix -f (f=force)

Steps to setup a classic development environment

  1. Install node.js
  2. Install Gulp
    npm install gulp-cli --global
  3. Install Yeoman
    npm install yo --global
  4. Install Yeoman SharePoint generator
    npm install @microsoft/generator-sharepoint --global
  5. Trusting the self-signed developer certificate
    gulp trust-dev-cert
  6. Install a code editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code)
  7. Install additional Browser for testing (FireFox, Chrome ...)
  8. Start coding ;-)
OR just use a prepared Docker container: SPFx Docker container


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